Will the Note 2 be the next Flagship Samsung Galaxy?

Well that all depends on whether it will ship with Android Jellybean pre-loaded. It’s assumed and generally accepted that the new Note will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich which would mean the Galaxy S3 would still be seen as the flagship model.

Flagship or not the Note 2 is already getting us excited! The first Note definitely gave us something to talk about although it’s nearly tablet-like size didn’t please everyone. It will be interesting to see what innovations are revealed when the successor is revealed on the 29th of August in Berlin.

Here are some of the most realistic rumours about what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2:

  • A Samsung made, Quad core chip just like the one in the Samsung Galaxy S3, maybe with a slightly higher GHz.
  • A 5.5inch super AMOLED display, hopefully one that will fair a little better than the S3’s in direct sunlight.
  • There are talks of 2GB of ram! This would be pretty amazing although we’re not counting on it!
  • More rounded edges to be more consistent with the style of the Galaxy S3.

It all sounds pretty boring but I’m sure Samsung have a few tricks up their sleeves. Samsung also specifically talk about the Note 2 being light so expect them to do something special there. The original note was huge but it was also really light for it’s size so I wonder if they’ve done something even more impressive with the weight of the new Note. I also expect some new tricks and features to be added to the S-Pen.

The colour of the handsets is also something worth thinking about. The first Note came in black, white and even pink but the Galaxy S3 is currently only available in dark blue and white. Are they going to take the S3 route with the Note 2?

When will the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 be released in the UK and how much will it cost?
We can’t confirm anything for sure until the 29th of August when all will be revealed at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin. We expect the Note 2 to be in shops in early September, probably before Apple release the new iPhone. Expect prices to be quite high at around the £500+ mark.

If you’re not the type to rush out and buy a phone as soon as it’s released then you might want to wait a while before buying a Note 2. The original Note started with a high price but eventually dropped pretty rapidly and ended up going for as little as £21 a month on some decent contract deals. However amazing the Note 2 is it’s still likely to be more of a niche phone than the S3 due to the sheer size of the thing!